Centre d'innovation sur le textile avancé

Within the framework of the European FOSTEX project, the CITA advanced textile innovation center has been upgraded in order to identify the needs of textile and clothing companies in terms of innovation (both in equipment and in processes), support academia and research, improve student training and training and industrial cooperation and provide analysis and control services (for textiles in general and for advanced textiles in particular).

Main Objectives
  • Support for research and innovation
  • Improving student training
  • Industrial cooperation
CITA Services
  • Upgrading services, TUT development, composites, technical yarns
  • Analysis and control: thermal properties, mechanical properties
  • Assistance and advice: training

The innovation cell is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the measurement, analysis and control of textile materials such as: ATG; DSC; Rheometer; IR; UV-vis, as well as conventional laboratory equipment: pH meter; conductivity meter; reflectometer; melting point. 

The laboratory also has equipment for measuring the performance of textile materials such as: Air permeability; water permeability; spectrocolorimeter; melt index; fire behavior as well as the different equipment to assess the fastness of the dye to washing; friction; temperature ; sweat…etc.

As part of the FOSTEX project, new services have been offered such as: quality testing, product certification, training, seminars information on fashion trends, new ways of organizing production, ...