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Research on the Textile Materials: REMTEX
Research is at the heart of ESITH's mission. The new strategic plan 2022-2026 outlines the main focus of R&D for the next five years. Built around a core team of researchers and a large network of companies and partner universities.

Accordingly, we wish to achieve the following objectives:
1- Structuring the Research areas according to new challenges in anticipation of the national industrial needs.
2- Develop partnerships with companies and with leading national and international research organizations;
3- Fostering the promotion of innovation, development and transfer of research results.
4- Creating and developing synergies with graduate and post graduate students.
• The orientation, organization and promotion of scientific research
• The promotion of applied research oriented towards industries
• Support for innovation actions undertaken by companies
• Support for the publication process of researchers' work
• Valorizing the human potential of researchers, professors and industrials.
• Capitalize on the results of R&D (Patents, scientific productions, training of highly qualified researchers).
• To be positioned among the actors of research at national and international level.
• Participate in research projects funded by national and international organizations.
 • Become a partner of choice for companies who wish to outsource their
R&D activities.

ESITH supports research by fostering synergy between academia and industry in order to facilitate the transfer of know-how and innovation. The Research and Development Department of ESITH is made of two structures: the REMTEX: a Laboratory of Research on the Textile Materials and the CELOG: Center of Excellence in Logistics.

CELOG Research Lab

The mission of the Center of Excellence in Logistics is to be the Moroccan reference in the development of decision making tools for the design and management of logistics networks. These networks include all enterprises and business involved in the supply, production and distribution of a given product for a given market.

REMTEX Research Lab

The main mission of REMTEX is to promote applied research and innovation. It focuses mainly on advanced materials and acts as an interface for collaboration between the textile professionals and scientists. It supports the industry's ambitions to use advanced fibres or create new products.

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