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The “Specialised Technician in Manufacturing Methods” programme leads to the State Specialised Technician degree.

To be admitted, you must meet the following conditions:
- Hold a Scientific or Technological Baccalaureate
- Pass the admission tests
Program’s objectives
The "Specialised Technician in Manufacturing Methods" program in the clothing industry sector aims to train people capable of studying and optimising technical solutions for the production/manufacturing of goods or technical services, from manufacturing techniques’ files.

It also aims to qualify students to make them capable of ensuring the mission of optimisation and simplification of manufacturing processes, cost control, layout of workstations and technical support for operators and quality departments, studies, production. 

The Technician Specialized in Manufacturing Methods works in companies in the textile and clothing industry. However, his training must be able to lead him to work in other sectors of activity. 

The versatility of the participants is ensured by the development of transversal skills. These are those concerning hygiene, health and safety in the workplace, protection of the environment, use of a computer workstation, textile materials, interpretation of the technical drawing, as well as communication and Soft Skills. 

The mastery of the professional tasks related to the trade is ensured by the acquisition of the technical skills specific to the trade. These are those concerning the layout of workstations, the costing of manufacturing time, the development of manufacturing ranges, the balancing of production lines, the development of the technical file as well as the resolution of problems related to optimization of manufacturing processes in order to improve the company's profitability and optimize its production costs.