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LEC-ESITH is a key player in the research sector and a national leader in the field of testing and expertise in MOROCCO. Attached to the ESITH, the LEC's main mission is to carry out all technological, organizational analyses and research.

The Laboratory « LEC » is a part of a process of continuous skills development allowing it to expand in its field of action to meet the needs of companies in matter of expertise, testing, control and validation of a wide range of industrial products, according to precise specifications and in accordance with the standards and regulations in force.

A reputation built on the professionalism of a highly qualified team composed of engineers and technicians and also the investments made in all the equipment that exists in the laboratory.

 In order to guarantee a permanent level of quality to the services provided, LEC is committed to an unstoppable quality approach articulated on two areas of expertise :
• laboratory accreditations
• Approval by customers.