Life on Campus

"Because there is life after class, ESITH welcomes more than 600 students from all over Morocco
in a geographical and cultural environment that is as pleasant as it is enriching"

Life on Campus

Student life is a crucial component of all ESITH programs. Along with the technical abilities they learn during their studies, it enables them to build their unique and human skills.

They are a component of a plan to help students to be assertive both individually and collectively, to develop within an associative team, to engage in one or more sports, to volunteer their time, and to be vulnerable with others. In other words, it is mostly an oppotunity to reveal one's many talents.

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Exceptional living comfort

Accomodation and catering

ESITH has an onsite campus composed of dormitories. Students who can reside on campus are selected based on geographical location of their home city which gives more chance to students who live far away from Casablanca. The buildings are very secure since they are located inside the school and thanks to presence of the dormitories security guards whose job is to keep students safe 24/7.

ESITH’s restaurant is located right next to the dormitories. Students can enjoy a variety of food selection throughout the week including the famous Moroccan cuisine. As per the Moroccan traditions, Cousous is always offered on every Friday. After a meal or a study session students can enjoy a pool game on the terrace of the restaurant with friends.

Health Center

Esith health Center is facility that provides health services to all ESITH students and personnel.
The personnel of the health center is very helpful and provide assistance in anything heath related.
A doctor is available at the campus around the clock in case of emergencies.
Insurance covers students in case of accidents at ESITH.


Located in the heart of the ESITH Campus, the Documentation and Information Center (CDI-ESITH) is a free access place, dedicated to reading, documentary research and culture. Its Goal is to support teaching and research. The CDI-ESITH provides students with a variety of work spaces with: • A library that provides access to dictionaries, encyclopedias, non-fiction books, fiction, periodicals and specialized journals available to students and teacher-researchers for the exploitation and evaluation of information in the context of their activities. • A multimedia room with self-service computers for research work, as well as documentary databases and specialized software to assist our students in their learning. All the space of the CDI is equipped with a wifi connection. • An archive room that contains the end of studies Projects (FWP) • A special CDI-ESITH online catalog

We put at the available to our students a study infrastructure without equivalent, because, in our professions,
all skills must thrive in a bet in practice who cannot take place only in a real work environment.

ESITH has several equipped classrooms multimedia material for the specialization courses. For lectures, 6 amphitheatres of 100 seats and a 320 seat auditorium which accommodates conferences for our students and professional events.


- Weaving/CAD
- Milling
- Hosiery/CAD
- Clothing/CAD techniques
- Impression, Dyeing, Maintenance...


ESITH provides students with laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment: Fibers/Yarns/Fabrics metrology; Colorimetry; Textile Chemistry; Printing; Pneumatics / Regulation / Robotics; Electricity/Electronics; Languages; Computer science; Logistics...


- Aerobics and bodybuilding room;
- Basketball court
- Volleyball court
- Mini-football field
- Tennis court.


- Student Residence
- 7 amphitheaters
- Documentation and Information Center
- Reading & press rooms
- Multimedia room, Internet and Intranet access

student clubs and
basketball, volley,
tennis and mini-foot courts
of surface for more than600 étudiants
Student Clubs

Students have a variety of interests that they would like to share with their fellow students.

That is why ESITH offers students a variety of clubs that they can join to fulfill all
those interests. There are more than 14 clubs to join in a plethora of domains:  Art, Music,  Entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, Philanthropic Spirituality, Students' governments, Competitive sports

Life in the City

Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco, and the largest city in the country. It is home to breathtaking architectural land marks, and one of the biggest mosques in the world. The city combines traditional lifestyles and modern comfort and night life. With a Mediterranean weather Casablanca offers a perfect conditions for students to have a fulfilling study experience. Many international business have chosen to have an implantation in Casablanca which enables students to easily land an internship.