About us
ESITH Casablanca

ESITH Casablanca was founded in 1996 thanks to a pioneering Public-Private Partnership model.

ESITH is part of the category of HEI known as the great schools of engineering in Morocco. It started with the main mission of catering to the needs of for the Moroccan textile industry in highly skilled human capital. But during the process of its development it opened to other programs while remaining focused on industrial vocations such as industrial management, logistics, and supply chain management. Our culture is based on quality education and closeness to the industry.

This explains our annual achievement in terms of the employability of our graduates which reaches 92% six months after graduation. We support private and public institutions in Morocco and overseas in their efforts of improving productivity and staying competitive thanks to a great team of lecturers-consultants who combine a strong industrial field experience with a solid scientific culture.

Our campus is situated in a strategic neighborhood in Casablanca with vicinity to public transport and a large industrial zone.

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We share the good practices and experiences, we share information with all stakeholders for development of our projects.


We respect our commitments, our partners and our environment. We are open to diversity and respectful of differences perceived as an enrichment.


We are part of a creative dynamic of goods, services and processes in the interest of the community.


We want to meet your expectations, meet your goals with a concern unique in terms of readability, visibility and trust.

Team Spirit

We are committed, supportive and complementary, proud to belong to a team where everyone feels listened to and valued.