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Engineering is discipline of coordinating humans, machines, and materials to attain the desired output with the efficient use of energy, knowledge, money, and time.

ESITH’s Engineering program is a six-semester graduate program with two possible paths:
Industrial Engineering
  • Textile - Garment
  • International Logistics
  • Product Manager
IT & Systems Management
Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering program - Textile-Clothing Major – is a three year program that an engineering Engineer Degree. This training aims at improving companies’ overall organisation and the quality of their human resources. As well as providing them with executives and managers capable of taking on responsibility positions.

The Textile-Clothing Major has been put in place since the launch of ESITH in 1996 with the support provided by ENSAIT of Roubaix and ENSITM of Mulhouse. This partnership offers engineering dual degree the possibilities ESITH/ENSAIT, ESITH/ENSIAME or ESITH Engineering degree / Research Master ENSISA.
Program Objectives
Train Textile-Clothing Engineers to have the necessary skills in the following areas:
- Control and Management of an industrial unit. 
- Analysis of manufacturing processes. 
- Optimisation of production and quality. 
- Integration of technological changes in application of engineering sciences. 
- Innovation and process integrating technical and economic aspects. 
- Management of human resources, equipment and projects in perfect harmony with the socio-economic environment and international changes.
Career Perspectives
This major’s alumni will occupy these professional roles:
- Production engineer
- Quality Manager
- Technical Sales Engineer
- Environmental manager
- Industrial development manager
- Research and development engineer
- Technical or plant manager
- Metrology manager
- Textile chemistry engineer
- Methods engineer

This is a three year engineering programme that awards Industrial Engineering Degree – International Logistics Major. The goal of this program is to provide companies with highly qualified managers who are able to improve the overall organisation of the company. This program has been put in place in collaboration with ENSAIT of Roubaix and allows the possibility of a dual Engineering degree ESITH/ENSAIT, ESITH/ENSIAME.

Program Objectives
Train International Logistics Engineers to have the necessary skills in the following areas:

Organisation and Resources Planning:

 - Availability of resources: human machines, raw materials
- Structures and methodologies for the entire industrial chain
- Implementation of new organisations to allow mass customisation
- Synchronise the entire chain (supply, production, distribution) to the objectives set by the market or management.

 Supply Chain Tracking:

 - Deadlines respect
- Cost control
- Compliance

 Implementation of software solutions:

 - Information system
- Computer aided production management
- Company Resources Planning
- Electronic data interchange
Career Perspectives
This major’s alumni will occupy these professional roles:
- Logistics Engineer
- supply chain manager
- Quality Manager
- Logistics platform manager
- Industrial buyer and prospector
- Flow manager
- Information systems manager
- Planning engineer
- Import/Export Manager - Transport manager

The Industrial Engineering programme – option Product Manager - leads to obtaining the State Engineer Diploma. This Training is oriented Finished Product / End Customer. It falls within the improvement of companies’ organisation and the quality of their human resources. It aims at providing companies with executives and managers capable of taking on positions of responsibility through the specialisation: Product Manager. This subject area has been in place with the accompaniment provided by MOD'SPE of Paris. It offers the possibility of a double Engineering diploma ESITH/ENSAIT, ESITH/ENSIAME.

Program Objectives
Train Product Manager State Engineers, with the necessary skills to:
 - Perform an analysis of the competitive environment
- Master the tools of innovation, creativity and industrial design
- Develop corporate communication strategies consistent with the marketing strategy
- Open up to e-commerce as a product marketing tool
- Develop distribution strategies
- Set up a POS concept based on the principles of merchandising
Career Perspectives
The laureate of this sector will occupy in a company, according to its size and its mode of organization, the position of : 
- Product Manager / Buyer
- Development Manager
- Head of Marketing
- Technical sales manager
- Head of sales
- Head of export
- Sourcing manager
- Department manager
- Branch manager
IT & Systems Management
The purpose of the course is to train general engineers with broad knowledge of the methods and tools used in the field of industrial products and systems.

It covers different sectors of activity and offers multidisciplinary training in industrial computing and management of industrial systems to train skills that will make the "production" systems evolve in line with the company's strategy.

This course is set up with the support of the ENSIAME of Valenciennes. It offers the possibility of a double engineering degree ESITH / ENSAIT, ESITH / ENSIAME.
Program Objectives
The IMS is a dual-skills sector: Industrial IT and Management of industrial production systems. At the end of the training, the laureate will have the necessary skills to design, manage and optimize production systems:

Industrial processes:

- Model and design the architecture of an industrial process or a production system
- Implement technological solutions to ensure the monitoring and control of production processes
- Optimise industrial process parameters

 Automatisation and control of industrial processes:
 - Ensure the integration of automatic systems in line with the constraints of industrial processes
- Design monitoring and process control systems

 Systems management: 

- Ensure the integration of IT management systems into industrial processes

 Maintenance management:

- Ensure the operation of equipment and facilities
- Make reliable and secure the industrial production system

Career Perspectives
Positions of responsibility in all sectors of industry (textiles, food, automotive, aeronautics, etc.) and services (logistics, banking, insurance, etc.):
- Studies Engineer
- Responsible for industrial performance
- Engineering Manager
- Responsible for industrial systems
- Manager or Industrial Director